No Work and All Play

We have been playing.
And playing.

We love it!! It doesn't get any sweeter than this.

The drive was 47 miles down the Salmon River. We drove until the road ended at the edge of the wilderness.

At Corn Creek we ate a picnic lunch, played in the water, and built a sand fort.

Then, we drove 7 miles back up the river to a sweet sand beach and set up camp. After a dinner cooked on the fire and more playing in the water we laid on a blanket in the sand. As the sun set we were able to count the stars as they appeared. Bats swirled above us. Soon the starts were to many to count.

While we relaxed and enjoyed Mother Nature on our blanket there was a buzzing sound. I thought it was in my hair. I did a quick flip and sweep, snuggled back up to Chris and heard it again.
It was under the blanket.
We beat on it.
We squished.
We laughed.
Chris pounded his fist on it.
More bat watching and star gazing.
Hysterical laughing.

I found my happy place on a sweat beach down the Salmon River :)


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  1. just doing a little blog hopping here. i came to your blog and saw the picture of the sand along the river and my first thought was the Salmon River, and sure enough it was. i lived in Idaho for 8 years and spent time along the Salmon River. We lived in McCall. we just moved back to Wisconsin this past year. we never made it to Montana but i've heard how beautiful it is. beautiful journals that you make. i really like the fabric journal with the ribbon ties.