It has been quiet around our house for a few days. Still busy, but a different kind of busy.
Everyone is finding something to do that makes them happy, or that isn't stressful.
Chris and I worked on the shop. Finished the siding as far as we could (waiting on one more box).
Chris built a ledge in my studio.
I did laundry. Finished "The Outlander". Played in my art journal. Worked on a lesson from Chaos and Calm.
Kyla and Hayden had a trip with friends to the water park in Missoula.
Then, Kyla went to a friends for a sleep over.
Hayden played outside chasing grasshoppers and being a boy.

Today. What to do today. I should workout. I should fold all that laundry (no thank you!). I have ideas swirling in my head that I could start in my studio.


Maybe I will finish this cup of coffee and then decide :)


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