On The Go Creativity...

It's the best weekend ever in Salmon (my hometown). We always hit the "Hospice Wagon" for fresh homemade waffle cones and ice cream. Parades. Sidewalk sales. Demo Derby. Fireworks.

But, these art projects keep calling my name! I have always taken a book or a small project home. Now I pack a bag with pre-planned goodness so I can play when I have a minute here and there.

Wouldn't 3 or 4 days of alone time with just your art supplies be fun!! No cooking. No laundry. Just stop long enough to make more coffee or tea. Some toast. Maybe a nap :)

Here are some products of my latest creative outburst:

Sea Green:

Tangerine Orange:


They were super fun to make. I took this online class from Julie at Land of Lost Luggage.

You can see more pictures of them in my ETSY shop.

Happy Fourth. Be Safe!


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