Turtles Color Digitally...

Happy Tuesday Friends :)

I finished my digital coloring today...and then I colored a few doodles with markers. My creative expression was all over the place!

I'm not sure I really want to continue coloring this image (since I have been playing with this same picture for over a month now).

Paint on this one might be out of the question.

Maybe I'll come up with another image that I would be willing to paint, color, and digitally render. The more I look at this one, the more pieces of it bug me. I suppose that is a good thing, it highlights the parts I still need to work on. Right?

In my previous post you can see the same image colored with marker...I like different parts of each of them. Not sure I can pick a favorite...and that's okay. It just means I can bounce back and forth between the two mediums...

And...since it's Tuesday, I have an image to share with you. He even comes bearing flowers:

You can download him by clicking "here".

Hope you have a wonderful week :)




  1. Thank you very much for this cute turtle!

  2. The picture is great and so is the little turtle freebie! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank u 4 sharing. Another cutie and your coloring is great.
    Hugs from Oregon Coast

  4. Darling! Thanks for the cutie, I love turtles!

  5. Thank you Rhoda for the 2 newest ones. Your colored ones look great.

  6. Thanks so much for the cutie image! We are always our own worst critics . . . your colouring looks great to me!

  7. I love this turtle. Thanks for sharing him and your art. I think the shading is very nice and the colors work out well!

  8. Thank you :)

    I was pretty happy with the colors, I'd like to work on my "texture" a little more next time.

    I'll be sure and post my next experiment...

  9. Your turtle is very cute! Thank you.