Fun Friday Night

Our Friday night date nights just became a little more interesting.

Actually, they aren't really "date nights" any more. They are now "family fun nights".

A couple of weeks ago we took Chris' bike in to the shop to get it ready for summer. When we stopped to pick it up, there was a new bike outside. A new "used" bike.

We have been to a lot of bike shops together. We have looked at A LOT of bikes.

They all looked like bikes to me. Except this one. This one spoke to me. And it told me that it really, really, REALLY wanted to come home with me.

I listened.

That means that Kyla gets my blue Yamaha. And that Hayden didn't have a bike.

His question: "Does that mean I just have to chase after everyone on my pedal bike?" :(

Well, we couldn't have that. So I took all my hidden money and bought him a bike too. Now, we can all go out and play!!

And we will. Lots and lots of playing!!

Bring on Summer!! :)


1 comment:

  1. Super cool bike! I can see why it screamed at you to take it home.
    Happy, safe riding. :)