Sewing Machines...

I have a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine.

I can stitch paper like no ones business.
Shabby Chic journals that I make using a sewing machine make me smile.
Straight lines and a few little stitches are easy enough.

Untangling the string.
Starting a project and then the bobbin runs out. Never fails.
Thinking I am doing wonderful, and the string isn't even through the needle.
That ball of junk that wads up under my project.
Anything that isn't a straight line ;)

There must be something inherent about a sewing machine though...because even before I knew how to use one, I was drawn to them. I really loved the old pedal one that was in a spare bedroom in my grandmother's house.

Sometimes I walk by mine, and feel it pulling to me. Saying "please come and stitch something".

These new images in my shop are for any of you who feel the same way (or love your sewing machine even more than I could possibly imagine) :)

I set this listing up using the new "Etsy Downloads". Let me know what you think...I'm hoping it makes transactions even smoother than they are now.

Have a great weekend!


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