A Little Character...

Phew! It's finally Friday :)

It ended up being a relatively calm day, which was a nice break.

My first hour kids wanted to color, so I took out the Copic collection. They saw the blank paper and couldn't decide what they wanted to draw.

One of them told me "I just want to color, not draw". I offered to do the drawing, and we were off. We started with picture number one, and then I spent the rest of the morning listening to "draw me next", or "now can you draw insert name".

They are high school kids, but you would have thought I was surrounded by Kinders :)

Part of our collection:

And a few of them close up:

A few times we were just rolling on the floor laughing. A piece here and there was just so close to right...funny how a person can be simplified into a cartoon, and still be recognized.

Loads of fun!


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