Soundtrack of My Life...

Do you ever feel that when you are plugged into your iPod/iPhone that it is the sound track to your life?

Think about it.

You are wandering around the grocery store, and you have your own theme music. Or while you are making dinner or doing the laundry. It doesn't always set the stage for the next scene, but it still colors it :)

Sometimes, my sound track is on repeat. I could listen to the same songs over and over and over. And I do. Probably drives everyone crazy. Makes me happy! Currently it is Adele, Pink, Nickelback (Pink and Nickelback are always in the list), the new Goyote, Fun, and Stevie Nicks.

And then, I start to take out a song here and there. Add in a new one. And before I know it, my sound track has changed. I'm almost ready for a few new ones.

I've been meaning to make this stamp for a while now. Finally finished it and got it listed in my shop.

Then I colored a few of the cassettes for fun. It's nice to seem them all finished and bright and cheery.

What are the songs that make up your sound track? Do you have favorites that you can always hear, or do like constant change and variety?

Happy Listening!


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