Downhill Slide...

I'm here!

I have thought of a million posts in the last couple of weeks, but life is crazy busy.

The good news is, I just finished the High School Yearbook. Hit "submit" last night at 7:00. It's scary to hit that button and know that there won't be any additions, corrections, changes. Nothing! And a huge relief to know that it's done and another thing I can mark off my "to do" list.

We are on the home stretch. I can almost see summer from here!

I had a couple of fun emails from people who have purchased some of my work. They shared what they created and I figured I would share it with you:

Kristin at Popcorn Pixels has created this fun watermark to use with your photography.

And then we have some fun Easter/Spring goodies:

They were made by Michelle and jems1987. Fun and unique :)

If you make something, and you would like me to share it on my blog, just send me a quick note with a link. I'll be happy to add it anytime :)

Happy April,


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