One Crazy Week...

Morning All,

I was hoping to have a new digital goodie for you today, but unfortunately, there has been no time to draw.
We spent the weekend visiting with family and driving (a lot of driving...the family is spread out!). We had fun, but by the time we made it home, we all just found a place to fall and stayed there.

It's the end of the quarter at school. Grade need to be entered into the computer and posted. That is a chore in itself. New assignments to start. Parent teacher conferences. Oh My Goodness!!

My two highlights for the week:
Yoga last night. She challenged us. By the time I was done I had jelly arm. Had to start quoting Open Season :)
And tomorrow I have Zumba!! It's the last class, which makes me sad. I bought the videos. I'm hoping to get that workout in tonight too...but it just popped in my head that I have to clean a house still too (and not even my own...grrr).

I promise to come back with a goodie. Stay tuned :)


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