No Shopping Crowds...

Happy Saturday!

Did any of you brave the crowds and shop yesterday? Not me!

Big crowds, long lines, and masses of people in the aisles are not my thing. My sisters always laugh at me because I will skip the Post Office when there are more than 5 cars in the parking lot. "It's just to busy", I say.
They think I'm crazy.
I think its just what you get used to when you live in a small town.
I'm not big town adjusted :)

The kids and I spent a wonderfully lazy day at home instead. There is a huge fort in the middle of my living room, that even includes the kitchen chairs. There is one chair left at the table, the one I'm sitting in ;)
They have "Polly World" in full swing, and I am scared to go downstairs to see what types of messes happened while they were playing school until almost midnight last night. Oh well, we'll clean it up later. They are happy, and that makes me happy!

My plans today:

  • workout at some point...might not happen till closer to evening.
  • draw in my sketchbook (time for new items on Etsy).
  • read a book...I finished one yesterday, but there is always another in the "To Read" pile :)

I listed some new owls this week:

Great fall colors that are a visual treat now that our world has been turned white here in Montana.

Have a great weekend!


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