I'm a Moron...Maybe

It was a busy weekend.

Kyla, a friend, and I drove up to Missoula to make a Costco run...and then have some time to play. We picked up my sister when we pulled into town, so it turned into a girls day. The four of us terrorized the town all day.
Lunch at MacKenzie River (yum-o).
Barnes and Noble and coffee. That is always a must!

Yesterday, I spent the day catching up on some Etsy stuff. Did a Zumba workout. I bought the DVDs and have been working my way through them. They aren't nearly as fun as the live class, but I was working on it. And then, I finally made it to the "live" DVD. So much better! I told myself when I started that I would at least make it through 30 minutes of it. It was so much fun that I finished the full 55 minutes!

Then, I started playing with an App on my phone called the "Moron Test". Crap! I'm addicted. And can't stop playing. I'm determined to make it to the end of it...and you can hear me growling often :)

I did manage to put my phone away long enough to draw free goodies for tomorrow. Check back. I'm off to prove that I'm not a moron :)


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