Sweet Goodies...

I have just loaded the kiln again. More goodies baking. I love the anticipation that comes with putting items in the kiln. It's better than Christmas! :)

I received an email from a customer. It was so sweet. She bought one of my pumpkins and used it in a piece she made. Love it...

You can view her items at a site called "Main Street". She made it look good :)

It has been a good weekend. I went to Missoula on Friday. Spent the evening out with my sister and then did a 5K race on Saturday. Jessie and I walked it, but it was still fun. We finished in 51 minutes. Not bad for walking and not running. Next year, our plan is to jog it!

It's been a lazy Sunday, but I painted a BUNCH of trinkets. Cyra made breakfast cookies. I'm about to stuff some mushrooms to go with our Sticky Drunk Pig on a Stick. It's been a good day ;)

Have a great week,


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