Holy Snow!

It's only the 7th of October and we are being dumped on like it is December.

This is just crazy.

What's even more crazy is that my little ones voted to ride bikes to school this morning. That was fine on the way there...but on the way home, we were all looking like snowmen!! Too bad it's not Friday, we could hunker down in our jammies and spend a cozy weekend at home :)

I attended the adult ed clay class last night. New ideas are swirling. I spent the evening glazing some trinkets I had already made. Can't really take pics unless I want to put them in a snow bank. Next brief moment of good sunlight, I will try to get them photographed.

Last night I listed the last of a batch I finished awhile ago. This is one of my faves:
Cornflower Blue...it's just so pretty :) I thought it would be fun to put 3 of these on a necklace with some accenting beads.
Happy Creativity!

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