I am officially caught up with my homework (last class before I have my Art minor finished). Hopefully, I haven't forgotten something. I would like to have the weekend to play.

We are supposed to have a cold snap coming in. Not good news. We still have 3 out of 6 walls to finish putting siding on. Vinyl doesn't do well in the cold, so we will most likely be working on that ALL day tomorrow. There went my clay time! *grrr*

I'm claiming Sunday right now. It will be MINE!! :) And oh the things I have planned.

I had some time after work this week to list a few new items. This one reminds me of a jaw breaker.

I have also listed two new funky cameras (purple and yellow). They are a "must C" :)
Hope you all had a great week, and get to have a restful weekend.


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