Family Drawing Time

The kids and I each had a sketch book while we watched T.V. last night.

Actually, I don't think we really even watched T.V. We plugged in "Open Season", and just listened while we doodled in our sketchbooks.

Hayden asked if I would take a picture of his. I told him we would scan it and I would post it on my blog. Kyla chimed in that she wanted to share hers as well. So. Today you get 3 artists for the price of 1 :)

My dancing moose. Not sure where it came from. I was thinking about showing movement with arms and legs, and it just evolved into a Moose Party :)

Hayden started out adding details to another moose in my sketchbook. When I stole my book back, he asked for a moose head and body (just the head, no antlers). I drew the outline, he added all the details and then colored it this morning.

And Kyla drew a wolf. She found an online tutorial and followed it to the end (even though a few times in the middle she was starting to growl at it).

I'm hoping that just by practicing and having fun with it, they will both develop skills far greater than mine!!

Here's to many more family draw nights. Even if I have to put them on the calendar!! :)

Happy Sunday,

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