Challenge Me. . .

What should I draw?

If you are reading my blog (here's hoping someone is), give me a challenge.

Tell me what you would like to see me draw.

Post it in the comments section. Give me a short story to illustrate. An image or character you would like to see created.
The more the better. You can even post a handful of times. I need some motivation and direction. I challenge myself to draw everything on the list.

When I finish a piece I will post your comment and my creation. Should be fun :)

Ready, set, post. I'll draw!



  1. how about a sunset with a small child watching in awe....

  2. draw me a elephant!!!! like seriously, i want that elephant on a canvas for my grad present from you with the dr suess theme and you can even do the elephant from dr suess (: love ya T

    love angel <3