Seuss Meets Pastels

I have been trying to make an effort to draw more each day.

Some days I make it. Others I don't.

Inspiration is lacking, but I have order
ed some new books (Amazon and I get along really really well...but my bank statement doesn't really like it *wink*).

This one came in the mail recently:

The ABC Drawing Lab by Carla Sonheim. It has some great ideas to rejuvenate your creativity. One that I used in my H.S. Art class was the Dr. Seuss buildings. There were a few great pieces that came out of that lesson.
Here is my version from today. I was wanting to play with pastels, but wasn't sure what to draw. My eye drifted to the book and the first page I opened to was the Seuss page. Off I went :)

(I'm not sure why that image keeps loading sideways, I've rotated and saved it in my files...grr. Oh well, tip your head *grin*)

And, for those of you that have downloaded my doodles to color previously, I have created another doodle page. I'm hoping to color this one with watercolor paints and maybe digitally as well. Fodder for lots of artsy fun.

Click on the image so it opens in a new tab or window and then right click and save. Print. Color. Enjoy :)

Have a great creative weekend!


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