Crushed, But...

I have been thinking about college again. It's time to start working on my Masters. The thoughts were swirling around, and I came back to an idea that I had when I first started college at 19. Drawing. Illustration. Make money doing something I love. Go to school. Learn more. Draw. Make money. Sounds great right?
Problem #1: we live in tiny, rural, Montana.
Solution: find a college that offers a Masters degree online.

This led to Problem #2: Most colleges don't offer a full online program for a MFA in Illustration.
Solution: search harder. Find 2 that do.

Problem #3: Money. Holy crap!! The cost is as much as my bachelor's degree was, and that included living off some aid money when we started the family a little early.
Solution: There isn't. So I cried.

My heart was really set on learning to draw better. Put my skills to the test and use them as a source of income. Become a Freelance Illustrator.

Today. Solution to Problem #3. It's round about. It doesn't get me another step in my education. But, it is what I do best. Teach myself. Yep. You don't have to have a degree to get Freelance work. I'm sure it helps. Oh Well. I'll do it the hard way. I challenge myself to do it.
Step One: Draw more. Be confident about it and just do it!!

On a lighter note.

We walked to breakfast this morning. Hayden wanted to know what he was going to do for "entertainment" at the table. What he was really asking was "Can I take my Nintendo DS and be a game head". Nope.

Instead, we took paper and pencils and challenged ourselves to draw something on the table. All four of us. We sat and doodled. My coffee and creamer. They are destined for an art journal...into the scrap-box they go :)

Happy January. Let's hope it goes fast! It can slow down when spring comes :)


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