Try, Try Again...

It's been a very long time since I scrapbooked for eBay. It's been a long time since I scrapbooked at all. I don't know where the urge came from this weekend, but I just wanted to play with paper.

Here is what I created (and I have more ideas floating...just figuring out how to get them out still).

You can find it on my eBay here: Dec. 25th

Here's hoping that someone else wants it as much as I do :) I want to have time and motivation to be creative again, and unfortunately, that drive gets boosted when I know someone else enjoys my work! It's a vicious cycle I tell you...

I have been a single parent for 3 days now, and it is time for my husband to come home so I can get a decent nights sleep. I think the kids are ready for a real meal too. No more leftovers or "quick" food. Other wise, life has been quiet and routine. I think we are settling in for winter :)

Have a great Wednesday! The week is almost over!!



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