Being Creative...

I have been finding images and inspiration in a number of places lately.
One of my new favorites is "1000 Artist Journal Pages". It is a fantastic collection of artist journals. I have spent hours looking at it, and still have not seen everything!

Today, I have bounced around between mediums. I'm still avoiding the paint. Not sure why, but I think about it and then purposely find something else to work on. Maybe I will give it a try once I am finished with my classes this semester. There is always Christmas break, right?

The two things I did get to:
Clay trinkets with under glaze. Fired and ready for clear over glaze. Love a few of the designs that "just happened" today.
Paper butterflies. I'm obsessed with them and listed a few more in my etsy shop.
(both are being sold without frames, so you can customize them to your own decor)

Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday and that your weekend was restful :)


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