Can You Hear Crickets...

Hi All,

Is January over yet? This really hasn't been my favorite month.

Between sickness, death, dreary days, and just all round "blah" I am ready to be moving on.

Spring is calling :)

There will be a freebie listed tomorrow. I had some ready to be worked up, and then forgot about them in all the chaos. They are still just sitting on my computer. Waiting to be finished. They were snow related. Hopefully I get to them before it's spring and I am drawing flowers :)

I did take some time to draw and color this past week. This picture was in my favorites over on Deviant Art. I really wanted to color something, so I drew it out on some 14 x 17 bristol paper and then colored it with Copic markers.

Today I matted it and now one of my art students will build it a frame. I am giving him the original :) I will probably get another photo of it or a scan and then make some prints for my nieces and anyone else who wants one.

I also started another drawing of some animals swimming in a pond. My niece requested it last spring and I am finally getting to it.

Here's to the end of January!!



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