Let's Try That Again...

It's been rainy and drizzly here. And Oh So COLD!

I'm so ready for warm weather. Summertime...where are you?

While I have been stuck inside, under a blankie, I have finished a book (Weird Sisters...really good!).
I have debated different art projects.
I have spent time with the in-laws.
I have drank coffee and read my book at the library.
I've searched through online scrapbook kits.

And, I've decided to start selling on eBay again.

I loved scrapping and sharing (I have CD's full of pictures of all the things I made over the years. Yikes! I have gone through some supplies!).

Here is my first listing in a loooonng time:

I am currently coloring and scheming my next few layouts. Check back often!

Happy Sunday,


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