Tech Literacy...

I've been playing (again). I know, I know. Every time I post, it's usually to comment on my "play". Must be that when I have time to play, I have time to post :)

It was a little different this time. There were the usual piles of papers, paint, ribbons, etc. Then the photos of the finished product. And then the thought to try something different. We bought this Apple over 2 years ago. Chris has played with the iMovie. I've ignored it. Today, I experimented and upped my technology literacy. (I even had to ask him for help...*gasp*...that NEVER happens when it comes to technology!)

Now, I have uploaded my photo slideshow on two different sites. Vimeo looks like it will be more user friendly. Flickr only takes 90 seconds of the movie. Mine was a little over that at 2 min. 30 sec.

So, if you traveled here via Flickr, you can now view the whole thing. My next devious plan is to add the video to my eBay auction for a unique way of viewing the product before bidding.

Among these pages you can journal, doodle, write out quotes or verses, paper trimmings, memorobilia, photos, and more.

Wish me luck. I'm having technical adventures :)

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